Banana Shallot

Banana Shallot

The banana shallot (echalion) is a bulbous vegetable, elongated and swollen like a chicken drumstick and copper coloured. It belongs to the onion group, Allium Cepa (L).

A family of Mosellan refugees brought this product to the Lencloître region during the Second World War.

Until the 1950s, this vegetable was only cultivated in kitchen gardens. Between 1950 and 1970, the traders of the Lencloître region cultivated the Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou to sell in the nearby markets. The production thus became traditional but its market remained local.

From the 1970s onward the Lencloître traders became more interested in this product, which they sold in small quantities under the name Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou.

Production didn’t really take off until the 1990s, thanks to a small group of interested farmers who wished to develop its production.

In 1992, the Permanent Technical Committee for the Selection of Cultivated Plants (CTPS) officially accepted the name Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou in the section “seed shallots”.

To sustain the local production, without harming the sales of the classic shallot, the CTPS proposed the name echalion for this product. This name became official with the entry of the variety into the catalogue.

Packing and Recipes :
See The Echalion and modern production.

Banana Shallot


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